The inspection body Naturalis SK, Ltd. found on random inspections at operator STAVTREND TEAM, Ltd., Humenne that they are trading in large quantities of goods (cereals, oilseeds, pulses). Based on that Naturalis SK launched cross check control in cooperation with the Romanian inspection body BioAgriCert. BioAgriCert doubt the authenticity of submitted documents (stamp and account number of the business partner on the accounting documents, the shipping company on transport documents). After this finding Naturalis SK warned the operator to suspend all transactions with Romanian suppliers until the conclusion of the case. Slovak operator claimed that it was only a misunderstanding and he will provide all necessary documents. According to his statement he was misled by the Romanian supplier. However, he did not show documents on follow inspections or later on and he did not let inspectors into premises of loading. The inspection body informed about the situation Slovak competent authority (ÚKSÚP) and further communicated with the Italian inspection body ICEA. On 25/11/2016 inspection body Naturalis SK, Ltd. in agreement with competent authority withdrawn certificate of operator because of suspicion of infringements and irregularities. The competent authority submitted the case to the police. Because STAVTREND TEAM, Ltd. is not communicating and declined further inspection, Naturalis SK, Ltd. announced the termination of the contract on inspection and certification at 17/03/2017 and recommended to the competent authority its removal from the register.



The inspection body Naturalis SK, Ltd. found on random inspections at operator STAVTREND TEAM,...



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